Today’s cybersecurity landscape resembles the prairies of the Wild West

“Where good hackers wear white hats and bad hackers wear black hats.” There is another way to classify hackers. Do you remember classic westerns? In these films, white hats were an indispensable attribute of the good guys, while the bad guys could be recognized by black hats. Today’s cybersecurity landscape resembles the prairies of the […]

Types of hacker attacks

In general, it can be said that hackers usually intend to crack the protection of an individual computer or computer network, being driven by one of four motives. Criminal activity brings financial benefits: credit card numbers or even entire banking systems become the target of the hunt. The right to call yourself a hacker is […]

The history of hacking and hackers

The term so popular today appeared in the late 1970s. In 1980, the journal Psychology Today published an article “The Hacker Papers” (Hacker’s Notes), which discussed the problem of computer addiction. In 1982, the American fantasy film “Tron” was released, in which the main character calls himself a hacker and intends to penetrate the company’s […]

“Hacking has gone from teenage fun to a multibillion-dollar business.”

Strictly speaking, “hacking” is a general term denoting the activities of the vast majority of malicious objects, as well as cyber attacks on the computers of individuals, enterprises and government agencies. In addition to social engineering and the spread of malicious advertising, commonly used hacking methods include: Botnets Browser hijackers DDoS attacks Ransomware programs Rootkits […]

All about hacking

What is a hacker attack? A hacker attack is a set of actions aimed at finding vulnerabilities in digital systems, for example on computers, smartphones, tablet devices or even entire computer networks. At the same time, it should be noted that hackers are not always engaged in malicious activities, but today the term “hacking” is […]